1988 Reunion

1988 Annual Reunion of the Boggess Family Association

The Boggess Family Association was started in Texas in 1988 by Ron Boggess and his wife Bitsy Barr for their son Caleb and daughter Shannon in an effort to meet other Boggess families and learn about their Boggess history.

As a way to reach out and connect, Ron & Bitsy planned a picnic in the park and sent fliers to 100 Boggess families; 2 in each state of the union. When a flyer came back undelivered, it was sent on to another Boggess in that same state. Ron and Bitsy left their home for the picnic not knowing what to expect. They were pleasantly surprised when the picnic was attended by 25 people.

That picnic in the park became the first event of the Association. Bitsy became the editor of the Association newsletter. Every summer another research meeting was held to bring “distant cousins” together to learn about their histories. For the sake of simplicity, these gatherings are here called reunions yet they do not not have the aspects of the usual family reunion attended by close relatives. Members attending are urged to bring their written historical information and/or pictures and memorabilia. It is always interesting to learn about other Boggess families and exciting to meet someone with whom you share ancestry. 


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