Most members of the Boggess Family Association are able to trace their lineage back to the first Boggess man who came to the “new country” about 1852. In the association we have incorporated “Line” pictures which puts most members in a category which starts from the children of Henry and Mary Bennett Boggess. So we have the BFA Henry Line, the BFA Bennett Line, The BFA Robert Line, the BFA Thomas Line, the BFA Elizabeth Line, and the BFA John Line. We have discovered no descendants from John and we have one group that has double lineage from Henry and from Bennett. We have taken “line” pictures for many years and will endeavor to get all of them on the website as soon as possible.

The first volume of the Boggess Books, lists the patriarch of our extended family to be Robert Boggus. It was believed that he was an emigrant from England and it is not known when he arrived in the new world. The research of some has him arriving from Wales. It is believed that Mary was his wife but there is no proof that she was his wife nor is there any information that she emigrated with Robert.

A deed dated April 1, 1644 names Robert Boggus of Nansemond County Virginia a planter. Another document dated November 17, 1650 mentions a deposition of Robte Boggas. On December 15, 1656 Richard Wheeler was granted 300 acres for transporting Robert Boggis, Mary Boggis, John Boggis and others. On the 20th of October 1662 men witnessed the last will and testament of Robert Boggis. Another last will and testament of Robert Baggus was dated August 30, 1661. Do these documents refer to the same Robert Boggus?

The will dated August 1661 names his son John, son Henry, son Andrew, and daughter Nell and wife Meare (Mary). Therefore the first Boggess book shows the date of death for Robert Boggus as 1661/1662 with wife Mary and four children, John, Henry, Andrew and Nell.

Apparently there is no evidence that John and Andrew had any children but we know that Henry first married Katherine (unknown) and second married Ruth (unknown). Henry was the father of Katherine, Henry, and Ruth. His son Henry married Mary Bennett and fathered nine children, five of which were sons. Therefore we believe that any Boggess today is a descendent of Bennett, Henry, Robert, Thomas or John Boggess.

Our research indicates that many Boggess’ (if not all) can be traced to the children of Henry and Mary Bennett Boggess. These children are: Henry, Bennett, Robert, Thomas, John and Elizabeth. The following is a list of people who we have attached to the above children:


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No known descendants


Joyce Evelyn Carr Thalheimer

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