2024 Annual Business Meeting & Family Reunion

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All members of the Boggess Family Association are invited to join us at the Annual Meeting 2024.

September 18, 19, 20, 21, 2024

Muhlenberg County, KY and Williamstown, KY

Please join the Facebook group for real time updates.


The Boggess Family Association was organized in 1988 when Ron Boggess and Bitsy Barr hosted an open invitation to a picnic in a park as a way for their children to meet and get to know more of their extended network of Boggess family relatives. The first meeting was a great success and today our membership includes individuals from many states across the country! We organize an annual reunion for our members, varying the location geographically each year in order to accommodate as many members as possible and in order to visit locations of historical importance to the Boggess family history. To keep in touch between reunions, we provide this website with its message board, distribute newsletters semi-annually, and maintain our Facebook page, “BFA Members”. We invite all Boggess descendants and relations to join us!.

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How do you spell it?

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Everyone is welcome at our reunions.

See you soon!

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